The Best Reel Mowers For a Healthy Lawn

Nowadays, everything is automated and high-tech.  But a reel mower relates to a simpler time when the basics mattered. Reel lawn mowers come in various sizes, shapes and features. If you want to make an informed decision about which model to buy, you need to know what’ll work best for your garden. 

Here are some of our favorite picks for the best lawn mower.

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The American Lawn Mower Company is in the industry for a long time, and a  lot of people look to them for the best products.

Their primary focus has always been on creating the finest lawn mowers that fit an affordable price range and last long. That’s why the 1204-14 model has received plenty of positive lawn mower reviews as well.

With a mechanical cutting system, you no longer have to worry about electric bills going sky high since it’s a push mower design. It’s going to shape your lawn up without making much noise. You don’t have to worry about annoying the neighbors anymore.

Being eco-friendly and easy to use aren’t the only benefits of using the 1204-14 model. You will get the ease of a 14″ cutting width to maneuver easily throughout your lawn. You’ll also enjoy 8.5-inch polymer wheels so that the mower has plenty of traction on your lawn.

 A cutting height of 4-inch grass blades will help you prevent patchy or uneven cuts on your lawn due to the grass being too wild.

Users will benefit from height adjustments of 0.5-1.75 inches and achieve a leveled lawn with mechanical scissor action cutting. 

The American Lawn Mower Company fitted this reel mower with heat-treated steel blades. These blades ensure that you don’t have to go through the hassle of maintenance as they last for a long time.




If you’re looking for one of the finest mowers on the market, you are definitely going to love this model. It features powerful mowing features to help you fix your lawn.

It’s different from the previous push mower as it has a rotary mechanism on a ball-bearing reel to mow grass efficiently. The Scotts 2000-20 will provide you high maneuverability due to the 10-inch dual tracking wheels. These wheels will make it easier to push the mower around.

You can also enjoy a 20-inch swath width with adjustable height so you can get the kind of look you want from your lawn. The height options are between 1-3 inches.

Another great aspect is that the cutting reel is durable as Scotts packed it with alloy steel blades, so you won’t have to sharpen or maintain the cutting blades.

You will also be glad to know that your grip on the mower will be quite comfortable due to the soft and ergonomic cushioning. It will be even more helpful in a long and strenuous mowing. 

You will be able to assemble this model straight out of the box.

The best part about assembling this rotary mower is you aren’t going to need any tools. It’s lightweight at 34 pounds, so you aren’t going to have any problems putting it together and moving it around.




This brand is the epitome of traditional mowers since it has been in the industry for over a century. The Great states corporation has greatly improved upon its original push mowers.

It’s important to note that many brands will provide you with low-maintenance mowers. But none do it quite like this brand. The heat-treated alloy blades on the Great States 415-16 16-inch Standard will lower your maintenance costs.

The blade durability is quite high and more long-lasting than most rotary mowers out there. It’s going to withstand the harshest environmental effects without giving up on you.

You’ll be able to enjoy cutting power that is better than most reel mower blades on the market today. It will enable a level lawn coupled with the 16-inch cutting swath.

Furthermore, the 5 blade ball-bearing reel, coupled with the 10-inch composite wheels, will enhance maneuverability.

The Great States Corp tends to put great emphasis on the ease and convenience of their customers. They have added a cushioned grip on this model with a lightweight design for ease during long mowing sessions.

The T-style handle coupled with the lightweight build will increase your productivity in the yard as it will prevent straining of hands and shoulders.




The Remington RM3100 is another great option on the list of the best reel mowers. It cuts a thick swath of grass with a width of 18 inches.  It’s best for a medium-sized yard and for targeting specific patches.

It has some interesting features, such as the 5-blade cutting reel that will efficiently clip your grass. And you don’t have to worry about tough patches.

The blades can be set with five different height adjustments, and the adjustable dual lever helps you pick the height you desire.

Maneuverability is quite easy with this product as well. The durable wheels are 6 by 10inches. This will make it easier for you to maneuver on the toughest parts of your lawn. It’s lightweight as well. 

Additionally, the 2 in 1 mulching feature at the rear will allow you to collect clippings. And you can easily get rid of them when you’re done without creating a mess. 

 You don’t need expensive machinery for yard work. Sometimes all you need is simplicity, and that’s why this is one of the best budget models on the market.

The foam grip handle will make it comfortable to hold for longer mowing sessions. If you prefer comfort, Remington RM3100 18-Inch Reel Push Mower is a viable choice.

This reel mower may look simple, but that’s the beauty of it! It has high rankings on Amazon for value and ease of assembly.




Next on our list is the Greenworks 18-Inch Reel Lawn Mower. It has simple yet attractive features that provide top-tier performance on the lawn.

The 18-inch cutting blade reel will mower larger chunks of land in less time. Additionally, you will get 9 different height adjustment options to achieve the lawn you desire. From 1 3/4 – 2 3/4 inches, you’ll have the option to alter any grass type.

Moreover, there are additional features that greatly improve the functionality of this model. For instance, Greenworks put in a 2-in-1 feature of a rear collection bag coupled with a mulching facility to form fertilizer for your lawn. It nurtures any grass type while you mow it so that you can get a greener and fresher lawn.

Customers also love the wheels on this machine. The 10-inch forward wheels coupled with the 4-inch rear wheels enhance the maneuverability quite a bit. These wheels were especially helpful in moving on thick tufts of grass easily.

Furthermore, also get a 7 amp leaf blower in the box. This adds value to the product.




If you seek easy assembly, use and maneuverability, this is the product for you.

The American 1 815-18 Lawn Mower is packed with an 18-inch swath width to service larger areas easily. The 5 blade push mechanism efficiently clips the densest grass.

The durable and comfortable cushioned handles also increase safety. In other words, you can also let your kids have a crack at this old school lawn mower. Not without supervision, though.

The assembly is simple and impressive since most people can put it together in under 10 minutes.

The American 1815 is quite the versatile non-powered reel mower, which also makes it eco-friendly. Noise pollution won’t be an issue, something people face with gas mowers and other powered gardening equipment.

Moreover, it’s quite easy to carry around as the model is lightweight. Storing it and moving it in and out of the shed will not be a workout.

In addition to this, the durability is quite commendable as well. The manufacturers kept a sturdy build in mind during the manufacturing of this reel lawn mower. 

You can say goodbye to maintenance costs as well. All you need to do is ensure that the blades are sharpened every 3-5 years for optimal performance. There is also the added benefit of cheap all-natural mowing power compared to gas, oil and electricity.

This reel mower efficiently clips grass of lengths up to 4 inches. The push mechanism goes along nicely with the adjustable height facility. You can make changes in the height from 1-2.5 inches.

The scissor action motion is mechanically operated and is perfect for clipping the grass accurately. It enables an even cut without shredding the leaves. This feature will promote a healthier and sharper-looking lawn.




The Fiskars StaySharp is another great option on this list.

 Its performance and power are unmatched compared to other options on the list. It will provide you with 60 times greater push power. This feature makes it considerably easy to cut the grass even in the toughest of patches.

Moreover, the same driving gear that provides the mower its enhanced power makes it durable as well. The InertiaDrive makes it possible for the mower to glide on the thickest tufts. The StaySharp cutting mechanism reduces unwanted contact with the blades. This, in turn, reduces wear and tear.

The ability to withstand weathering lowers operating costs as well. And the precision-ground steel blades stay sharp naturally (hence the name).

You also get to choose certain aspects that other mowers expect you to live with. For instance, there is the option to change the reverse direction for the grass clippings. With the help of the reversible grass chute, you can let the clippings go forward, backward, or downward.

This mower solves another issue as well. Most mowers will cut the grass evenly, but some grass gets through from the foundations and sides, which causes a patchy or uneven and messy looking lawn. 

However, the inset wheels in this unit allow the blades to extend across the mower’s base completely. This feature makes it easier to avoid uncut grass from the edges.




The Sun Joe MJ501M is one of the best reel mowers on our list. It received plenty of positive reviews and high sales on Amazon. It’s packed with features to make the lawn mowing process worthwhile.

The 5 sharpened blades go along nicely with the push mechanism and are suitable for the thickest grass types. You’re going to enjoy a cutting swath of 18 inches on thick grass like St. Augustine.

The precision of the razor reel and its 5 blades is quite commendable as well. The 9 adjustable positions are another great feature as the grass won’t be pressed down by the front bar with alterations to the cutting height but will get trimmed efficiently. You can clip grass evenly with a maximum height of 2.44 inches.

The dual wheels greatly enhance maneuverability. A push reel lawn mower needs to move freely on the thickest tufts. The front all-terrain wheels make it easier to move on long and thick grass. Meanwhile, the rear wheels make it easier to change directions and ensure powerful blade efficiency.

Experts will tell you that this reel lawn mower is best for medium-length grass and lawns. The other specs of this product complement this specification.

The grass catcher doesn’t let the clipped grass stay on the lawn. The catcher’s capacity is 7 gallons, which is perfect for medium lawns. This feature is also quite helpful if you want a professional look for your lawn.

You’ll be glad to know that this reel mower comes in different variations for longer and thicker grass. The weights vary, but the standard variation is lightweight. At 22 pounds, you’ll be able to move it around easily.




The Earthwise 1715-16EW will provide you with a 16-inch cutting width, so taking care of small to medium-sized lawns will be a breeze.

With this product, you’re going to get 7 hardened steel rotary blades fixed on a ball bearing for the finest grass clipping action. This feature is enhanced by the commendable side plate design.

The 10-inch composite wheels are going to provide enhanced maneuverability on thick grass. The composite material prevents the wheels from jamming or rusting and provides longevity.

This lawn mower was built keeping compatibility with different grass types in mind. This product is quite versatile since it’ll enable you to clip bent grass easily. Cutting through Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine, Seashore Paspalum, and Zoysia grass will become easier.

You’re also going to get an adjustable cutting height feature for clipping different types of grass. You can raise the height from 0.5-2.5 inches for an even clip.

You will also be glad to know that it’s lightweight. However, being lightweight does not mean that you’ll have to skimp on durability. Earthwise put quality materials into manufacturing this product. At 26 pounds, you can move it around freely.


Reel mowers are different from traditional gardening equipment and tend to be reliable. There is an eco-friendly aspect since you aren’t using any external source for power; rather, you’re just pushing it yourself. This will reduce your carbon footprint.

Moreover, the new reel lawn mowers can easily maneuver and push on the thickest grass than the cylinder mowers of the past. 

By avoiding the ripping and shredding of the grass via reel mowers, you’ll be able to maintain a healthier lawn without damaging the grass. 

How often your garden needs to be mowed with a reel mower depends on the season.

Different areas have different types of grass that grow better at particular times in a year. Preferably you should mow your lawn every 5-7 days during the peak growing seasons.

The types of manual lawn mowers available on the market are beneficial for your garden.

Due to the developing times, manual reel lawn mowers can clip the grass that a powered mower wouldn’t be able to.

This is also better than having an automated machine running amuck on your garden and causing pollution.