A reel mower is less expensive to purchase and maintain than a battery-powered one. One of the advantages of owning a reel mower is that it does not need fuel, oil, spark plugs, or an electrical connection. It just needs to be kept under shelter so it does not rust up from the dampness in the air.

A reel mower has a sturdy handle attached that is used to control its height when cutting grass. There are different positions on the hold that can be engaged to cut grass of varying heights. To cut tall and thinner grasses, it has to be used with a tilted-down head so that the blades can cut closely. 

How to use the reel mower? 

Step 1: Push the reel mower to the area where you want to cut grass.

Step 2: Collect blades and ensure that they are well assembled.

Step 3: Turn the wheel of the reel mower to engage it. This will make sure that all the blades are engaged and ready to work.

Step 4: Adjust the blade’s height by using the height handles on each side of the reel mower. You can adjust it by either pushing down or pulling up on them until it gets to your preferred height setting.

Step 5: Press the button on the left side of the handle and pull it back to start cutting grass. To stop the reel mower, press down on the same control until you hear a click.

Step 6: Collect blades after cutting grass so that they are not exposed to dry air. Switch off the reel mower and put it up after use. Make sure that you do not leave grass in between blades as it will reduce its life span. Using a regular reel mower instead of a battery-operated one, you can keep your lawn neat and cut-free without unnecessary maintenance charges. 


It is a cheap alternative to other kinds of lawnmowers, i.e., gas-powered ones and battery-powered ones. You will only be required to buy the reel lawnmower as this would be all you need for your garden.

There is no hassle of having to oil it or worry about filling it up with petrol or charging it with electricity; there is no more noise to deal with either as the reel lawnmower does not make any, plus there are no fumes or other pollutants for you to have to worry about.

It is easier to use than other kinds of lawnmowers, as you have to push the reel lawnmower back and forth across the grass in your garden. There is no need for you to connect it to a power source to be used.

This type of lawnmower is eco-friendly and will not contaminate your environment. Plus, there will be no need for you to dispose of the harmful chemicals or any other contaminants that are generally associated with different types of lawnmowers.

It is safer than some other lawnmowers as they are very heavy if they fall on someone.


You cannot take this kind of lawnmower with you on vacation to the beach, or if you want to use it on a football field where there is no grass in your garden.

It might be heavy. This means that you might not keep up with it if it has a heavy load. This may also mean that you have to go over the same patch many times, which can be time-consuming.

It can be more complex and more tiring when compared with electric and gas-powered types of lawnmowers, but it does give one a sense of accomplishment.

You will have to do more work as you have to take part away from the reel lawnmower to use it for other purposes. This would mean that you will have to dismantle the mower and then reassemble it when using it in other places, but this is quite an easy task.

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After following some of the steps mentioned above, your lawn will be in good condition, and you will not have to worry about using a battery-operated mower during power outages or the expense of buying and maintaining it. It is one of the best ways to reduce waste and environmental pollution.