Rotary Mowers

A rotary mower is a lawnmower that has a circular blade that spins around an axis. These are the most common type of mowers available, and gas engines usually power them. They cut grass better than reel mowers because they have softer and less sharp blades. This also makes them less prone to clogging with grass particles than reel models, which use metal teeth, so you get a cleaner cut. They can also usually cut grass more evenly because of their circular blades. Rotary mowers are much heavier and bigger than reel models, making them harder to push and maneuver around trees, bushes, and other obstacles. On the plus side, they tend to be cheaper than reel mowers.

Advantages of rotary mowers:

– Rotary mowers are probably the best of all mowers when it comes to leaving a fine, smooth-looking cutting edge. They leave less grass left behind on the lawn than reel mowers do, so you need less time gardening.

– Rotary mowers usually are cheaper than reel models, especially when you have more than one person gardening.

– The rotary type of mower can be easily adjusted to different angles and heights for different situations and lawns.

– Rotary mowers can be further modified to work with a variety of different lawnmowers from other manufacturers.

Disadvantages of rotary mowers:

– Rotary models are not as effective as reel models for deep grass or thick grass, and they tend to make walking through denser clumps of grass difficult, especially if you have arthritis. 

– Rotary mowers are generally much heavier and harder to move than reel models. This makes them harder and more awkward to work within tight spaces. 

– Rotary models are much challenging to maneuver on uneven ground, such as lawns that have been cut around trees or bushes. 

– Rotary mowers tend to make a lot of noise when they are moving through thick grass.

Reel Mowers

A reel mower is a lawnmower with a cutting blade of straight metal teeth that cut grass on the ground. They are much like rotary mowers in that they also cut grass more evenly than reel models, but they do not have the added advantages of having soft, less sharp blade-like rotary models. They are also much lighter and easier to use than rotary mowers.

Advantages of reel mowers:

– Reel mowers work very well for thick grass because they require little or no trimming before use. Reel models can easily be adjusted into different angles and heights for different situations and lawns.

– Reel mowers are not as heavy and are hard to use as rotary models.

– Reel models tend to be cheaper than rotary models.

Disadvantages of reel mowers:

– Reel mowers tend to clog up much more straightforward than rotary models.

– Reel models are not as effective as rotary models when it comes to deep grass or thick grass.

Which one is better, a reel or rotary mower?

As the title suggests, both are equally good. In my opinion, they are best used for the average to medium-sized lawn.

These mowers are great for people who want a lawn that looks well manicured with no grass left over. Both mowers are easy to use and can be used in tight spaces and on uneven surfaces, but reel mowers usually have the edge when it comes to efficiency when cutting hard grass like Bermuda or Zoysia grass. 

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The answer to this question depends on the type of lawn that you are going to be using. If you have a medium-sized lawn and want your yard to look pristine, I recommend a reel mower. If you want a lawn that looks well-manicured and needs no trimming at all, then go for the rotary mower.