As we all know, mowing the lawn can be a huge chore and a lot of work. It can also be expensive to use pieces of machinery like lawnmowers or leaf blowers. The solution? Get a push reel mower! They’re relatively inexpensive, durable, environmentally friendly, and quieter than anything gas-powered.

A push reel mower is an innovation from around 1900 that upgraded in the past ten years without being overly modernized. The key to push-reel mower’s durability is that they were built in the early 1900s. They are designed only to be as good as the day you buy them, so you can’t damage them. It has sharper blades for a more delicate cut–no more tearing up your grass when it’s wet!

The Benefits:

Easy Storage: Push-reel mowers have a detachable handle which makes them easy to store. They can be placed in a closet or under the stairs!

Reel Mower Maintenance: Push reel mowers are also very easy to maintain. Sharpen the blades whenever they get dull and oil the blades every now and then.

A Quieter Environment: Push reel mowers are much quieter than gas-powered lawnmowers or leaf blowers so that you won’t be disturbing your neighbors’ peace any longer.

Saves You Money: Push reel mowers are much cheaper than gas-powered lawnmowers because they don’t need an engine, fuel, thick plastic covers for safety, etc. These things add up when it comes to the mowing costs.

Takes Less Time: The cut is more refined than a gas mower, with fewer damaged grass and more even blades. It takes a bit longer to mow, but it saves you time in the long run.

Environmentally Friendly: Push-reel mowers reel themselves back into the storage area when not in use. It helps keep the environment clean by cutting off unused portions of grass if there are any overgrown areas.

So, if you’re looking for a new mower but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, try out a push reel mower!

Advantages over gas or electric-powered lawnmowers:

A push reel mower is a more environmentally friendly alternative to a gas or electric power lawnmower.

Maintenance is minimal, as the blades are coated in lubricant to help keep them sharp, and the reel is easily washed under running water.

The blades can be sharpened by grinding them, which is not possible on a power lawnmower.

A push reel mower is quieter and less likely to disturb the peace of a neighborhood.

Some best push reel mowers with their features:

1. McCulloch PR1650 17-Inch Personal Pace Variable Speed Reel Lawn Mower:

This model has a clutch system that runs smoothly and an onboard storage container for the cord. It also has easy-to-transport wheels that make it even easier to handle. This is also one of the cheaper options, so if you’re looking to save money, this pick is yours.  

2. Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower:

This mower is lightweight and comes with a 3 in 1 cutting height adjustment feature. You can choose from three different height settings when it comes time to mow your lawn. It also has larger wheels than most push reel mowers that help make your job easier and more durable over time.

3. Sun Joe SPX3000-4 4-Inch Super Push Reel Lawn Mower:

This mower has a 3 in 1 blade adjustment and a 40-inch cutting path. This makes it easier to trim overgrown areas and keep your property looking nice and clean all year round.

4. Homelite 23111 Classic 16-Inch Personal Pace Variable Speed Reel Lawn Mower:

This model is equipped with a 4-inch anti-vibration handle, which makes it easier to control while mowing. It also features an easy-to-adjust height adjustment system and larger wheels for more excellent maneuverability than many mowers.

5. McCulloch PR2450 Personal Pace Reel Lawn Mower:

This model comes with a 4-inch anti-vibration handle, 4 in 1 blade adjustment, and a carrying case for the cord. It is easy to transport and compact for easy storage. This mower is also equipped with larger wheels for better maneuverability, so you won’t have to move it much!

6. Sun Joe SPX3000-2 2-Inch Super Push Reel Lawn Mower:

This mower has an aluminum frame and weighs only 16 pounds, making it super lightweight. It also features a 3 in 1 blade adjustment that makes it easier to trim overgrown areas without cutting off multiple blades at once.

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As we’ve learned, push reel mowers are a convenient tool to have around. They’re easy to use and maintain, but most of all, they’re cheap. So if you’re on a budget and looking for a new mower, consider getting a push reel mower!